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"The Way Of The Warrior"

The Warriors Challenges are events held by the KMA Association for senior members wishing to advance their skills and knowledge base to be tested in either a Duel or a Challenge Tournament. Every event that takes place comprises of a different set of challenges for the competitor and his team to overcome and endure,  either mentally or physically,  but will mark the cornerstone of an individuals ability to either push beyond what may seem impossible or to Yield and leave the tournament.  There are many dangers that the challenger have to face during each event,  with varying degrees of difficulty at each stage of the tournament, from using live Katana blades in a duel, to the environment they may have to endure. Regardless of what each competitor is faced with the Challenge tournaments are designed to test the swordsman's abilities and endurance to breaking point. This makes an individuals both in the experience of an engagement or duel, but also brings together both mentally and physically the Psychology of a true Warrior.
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The Hall Of Souls Challenge

The Art Of The Sengoku Warrior

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