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KMA Association is the governing body and Headquoters for the teaching of Kokido-Ryu-Ninjutsu and Honjojutsu Katori Ryu founded by Soke Sensei Treanor based here in the UK. The Association offers two of the most comprehensive disciplines and teachings for students wishing to undertake in either or both Martial Arts styles. This website is the window of opportunity for those wishing to undertake in the most illustrious and deadliest of Martial Arts, based upon traditional methods in teaching and ancients Sengoku practices from the Feudal period of Japanese history. Journey into the past in the footsteps or the Ancient Warrior Classes of Shinobi no Mono or Soldiers of the Night.  To Classless Samurai Warriors or Ronin Dueling for Honour and Respect.  The KMA Association maintains and upholds traditional values and codes of conduct paramount towards a balanced and rounded education. Becoming a Member of the KMA Association is much more than just learning to fight, it is being apart of something special in forming the building block towards change and a new direction in life. The KMA Association was formed to bring together the best skills and talents in the Martial Arts for the benefit of individuals eager not just to learn the art of self defence, but to produce skill sets that would enhance daily life and challenges faced.  


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